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Classified Powershift Kit

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Product Description

Classified introduces POWERSHIFT. A wireless shifting technology in the rear hub, replacing the functionality of the front derailleur. It allows you to change gears with a virtual front derailer located in the rear hub. Shifts are instantaneous (in less than 150milliseconds), even under full load and with uncompromised gear ratio. You have the looks and simplicity of a 1x with the full benefits and gear range of a 2x set up. Made in Belgium. (2021 EUROBIKE GOLD INNOVATION AWARD)

  • No front derailleur. Significantly reduce aero drag
  • Ultimate gear coverage, 24 gears, small steps, up to 530% of gearing range
  • Instant shifting: Shifting takes 150 milliseconds
  • Weatherproof: no need to worry about rain, snow or whatever else blighty has to offer
  • Competitive weight: Equally light or lighter than most traditional electronic groupsets
  • Ultimate gear coverage: 24 gears, small steps, 451% gear range
  • Highly efficient: More than 99% efficient. No more cross chaining. No small chairing. Bigger is better.
  • Shifting under full load. Shift even up to 1,000 watts. You cannot do that with your current front derailer

How It Works?
  • Shift Button - A satellite shift button will trigger a shift and is attached to the Smart Handlebar Unit, sending out a wireless signal.
  • Smart Thru Axle - The Smart Thru Axle receives the wireless shift signal and will trigger the hub to shift using contactless energy transfer.
  • Powershift Hub - The Powershift hub, when receiving the signal, will shift between 2 ratios. 1 gear gives you a 1:1 ratio with your front derailer and the next shift gives you 0.7 ratio of your front derailer (e.g. 48T 1x chainring will give you a 32T equivalent chainring when you activate the hub)
After 7 years of development, Classified have brought POWERSHIFT technology to the table: a wireless 2 speed shifting system, integrated in the rear hub, allowing you to change gears in a split second, under full load and on any terrain.

Powershift Kit Includes
  • Powershift hub
  • Smart Thru Axle
  • Handlebar unit & satelite shift button
  • Cassette of your choice (11 or 12speed; 11-34)
  • Hubshell (to lace onto your choice of wheelset; spokes and rims sold separately)

Powershift Hub Specifications
  • Standard 142mm
  • Axle Specification 12mm smart thru axle
  • Brake Interface Disc brake only, center lock
  • Cassette Interface Classified
  • Battery None
  • Actuation Wireless and electronic
  • Ratchet Pawl spring system
  • Gears 2
  • Ratios 1 and 0,7
  • Weight 493g
  • Colour Black anodized
  • Application Road, Gravel
  • Spoke count (hubshell) 24
  • Shift time <150 milliseconds
  • Max allowed power while shifting >1000 Watts
  • Min advised front chainring size 40T
Thru Axle
  • Specification 12mm
  • Length Options 151,5mm // 155,5mm // 159,5mm // 163,5mm // 167,5mm
  • Threaded End M12 x 1,0 L13 // M12 x 1,0 L17,5 // M12 x 1,5 L14 // M12 x 1,5 L17,5 // M12 x 1,75 L15 // M12 x 1,75 L18,5 // M12 x 1,75 L21,5 // M12 x 2P1 L17
  • Weight 72g
  • Communication Wireless, BLE
  • Battery Li-ion
  • Charging Micro USB
  • Battery Lifetime Approx 10,000 shifts or 4 months
Handlebar Unit
  • Specification For handlebar implementation (dimensions: 47,5mm length, 19,40mm diameter)
  • Weight 14g
  • Communication Wireless, BLE
  • Battery CR1632, coin cell battery, non rechargeable
  • Battery Lifetime Approx 1 year